What Can You Do to Relieve Eyestrain

We have discussed some preventive measures for eyestrain in earlier article (7 Tips to Prevent Eyestrain). Now what can we do to relieve eyestrain when we already have it? You can do the following treatments:

(photo: www.eyecaredailycom)
                                  (photo: www.eyecaredailycom)
  1. Blink more often to keep your eyes moist and lubricated.
  2. If blinking doesn’t help, you can use eye drops to moisturize your eyes. Eye drops can be used to relieve persistent eyestrain.
  3. Take a break and give the eye muscles appropriate time to recover. You can look to a different distance / direction or rest your eyes completely by taking a nap. This is important to prevent further damage.
  4. You can also do some eye exercises to relieve eyestrain.
  • Sit at the edge of your chair with your back straight. Close your eyes and place the palm of each hand over an eye, so you feel your palms warming your eyes.
  • Remove your hands, keeping your eyes closed. Inhale deeply through your nose. Exhale and let your head drop forward then rotate it from side to side. Shrug your shoulders, making circles with them forward and backward.
  • Close your eyes tightly and lift and tighten your shoulders as much as you can. Hold for a few seconds and then exhale, suddenly releasing your shoulders and opening your eyes. Repeat this several times.
  • Blink repeatedly, fluttering your eyelids until your eyes become moist. Repeat it several times.
  • Breathing naturally, focus on an object far away from you for about half a minute. Try to maintain your focus, then blink rapidly several times. Then focus on a nearby object for about 15 seconds. Try to maintain your focus, then blink rapidly several times.


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