4 Types of Olive Oil That You Should Know and How to Store Them

There are 4 types of olive oil that that are processed differently. Although they share the same nutrients, they offer different character and taste. Know them all and choose which one that suits your needs and gives the best advantage for your health.

olive oil isolated

  • Regular or Pure Olive Oil
    Regular or pure olive oil has been chemically refined and filtered to neutralize both undesirable strong tastes and acid content. This olive oil is of lower quality and usually the least expensive.
  • Virgin
    Virgin means the olive oil was produced without any chemical additives, so it contains no refined oil. It has an acidity that’s less than 2%, so it tastes better. Virgin refers to the fact that the olive oil has been less handled or manipulated during processing.
  • Extra Virgin
    Extra virgin olive oil comes from the first press only and is the highest quality olive oil with perfect flavor, aroma, and balanced acidity. This olive oil is less processed than Virgin olive oil and is very delicate in flavor. It’s perfect for salad dressings, marinades, and for dipping bread.
  • Cold Pressed Olive Oil
    Cold pressed olive oil is an unregulated label description. Back when olive oil was pressed the second time using hot water and steam to extract the last drop, the heat during the second pressing took away the delicate flavors. Today, premium olive oil is cold pressed, which means the olive paste is gently warmed to room temperature to avoid losing taste and pressing is done in winter, when it’s cold, to further retain flavor.


It is important to keep your olive oil in its best condition. Be aware of the heat, light and air that can affect the quality of olive oil, including its taste and the essential nutrients in it. Make sure that you keep it in room-temperature cupboard, or even in the refrigerator. It is best to use it within a year or six months once opened, because the nutrients and taste can degrade over time.

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