4 Safe Exercises for Knee Arthritis

People with arthritis usually face hard times dealing with their limited ability to move. They could be reluctant to move more or do exercises due to the pain that comes while moving. Some of them may fall into desperation because they can’t compromise with their condition. However, they should know that exercise is one of the best ways to relieve the joint pain and stiffness. Exercise is also important to keep the flexibility and muscle strength. The most important thing in doing it is to be aware of certain movements which are potentially harmful. In the case of knee arthritis, bending the knees too deeply, twisting the knees, or putting too much body weight pressure or impact on the knees can be a bad idea.

There are various types of exercise for knee arthritis, but make sure that you do exercise in the ways least stressful to your knees. You should consult a doctor or health practitioner to decide which type of exercises that suit your condition. Here are some exercises that may help knee arthritis:

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1) Swimming / Aqua Exercise

Swimming or aqua exercise is considered as the safest exercise for those who have joint problems. The buoyancy of the water gives the body so much support, so it can minimize body weight pressure on your knees. Swimming with a pull-buoy can be a good cardiovascular workout without placing any burden on your hip or knees. However, aqua exercise doesn’t free of risks. Certain movements in the water, like the frog-like leg kick in the breaststroke, can still affect the stress on your knees. It is important to know your limit and be aware of potentially harmful movements. Doing aqua exercise with the guide of a professional trainer may be a good option

2) Cycling

Riding a bike is another low-impact exercise without giving any body weight pressure on your knees. It is a good option to loosen up stiff joints and stimulate the cartilage within a joint. It also gives you a good muscular and cardiovascular workout. You can use indoor stationary bike or ride an outdoor bike as you get stronger. Make sure you are in a good position and the seat is adjusted to fit your body, otherwise cycling can still strain your knees.

3) Pilates or Yoga

Stretching exercises like yoga, Pilates, and tai chi can help improve your body mechanics and the range of motion in stiff joints. They are a good option to stay flexible and build the strength of your muscle. Many people would agree that those exercises are safe for your joints because they are low-impact and involve slow movements. But you still need to be cautious because certain poses may put excess strain on the knee joint, like cross-legged positions, or bending your knee with your body weight bearing down on the bent knee. Professional trainers can help you determine which moves are safe for you.

4) Walking

Walking might not be the best exercise for people with knee arthritis, because some of them still find it tough to walk. But if you are able to do that, it is certainly better than no exercise at all. Walking with quality sneakers on a shock-absorptive surface (sprung wood floor or dirt path instead of concrete) can minimize the stress on your knees. You can also apply some ways to modify your walking for a better result, like trying interval walks and incorporating your arms.

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