The Adverse Effects of Poor Sitting Posture

Poor sitting posture can lead to several health problems such as back and neck pain, and deep vein thrombosis. Lack of movement (especially when you are sitting for a long period) and the decrease of blood flow can result in pains, aches and more serious conditions.

poor sitting posturePoor sitting posture affects your spinal structure and can result in recurring episodes of back and neck pain. When you sit in a long period, the blood flow to your lower extremities decreases and your legs or feet may start swelling and getting sore. It means that you are at a greater risk of developing a blood clot in one of the deeper veins in your leg (known as deep vein thrombosis). This condition can be potentially deadly. If you experience chest pains and shortness of breath while sitting for a prolonged period, it may be an indication of a blood clot.

What you may not know is that poor sitting posture does not only affect you physically but also mentally. Bad posture when sitting can also affect your mood. The decreased blood flow may lead you to a depression because serotonin, the happy chemical that influences how you feel, is not circulating actively through your body.

A yogi (a person who is proficient in yoga) also believes that bad posture can decrease the energy level of a person and increase the feeling of depression. If you suffer from depression already, poor sitting posture can make your condition worse.



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