4 Bad Things about Chocolate

Although many studies have shown that chocolate has beneficial effects on human health, there are certain things about chocolate that you should be aware of. Certain types of chocolate may not be as good as others and may cause negative effects on your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


  1. High in Sugar

Commercially available chocolates, especially the less-expensive variety, may contain more sugar. It is because cacao costs more for the chocolate manufacturers than sugar. Consuming too much sugar can raise your blood sugar levels and potentially increase your risk of obesity and diabetes. To be safe, make sure you choose the chocolate that lists “cocoa” or “chocolate liqueur” as the first ingredient, not sugar.

  1. High in Fat

Chocolate contains saturated fats which usually come in the forms of cocoa butter (in sweet chocolate) and milk (in milk chocolate). Saturated fats are often associated with certain health problems, such as high cholesterol levels and increased risk of heart disease. However, better chocolates — those with a greater percentage of cacao and less sugar — can offset this effect due to high levels of phenolic acids, chemicals found in plants that might help reduce the risk of heart disease.

  1. Missing Nutrients

Chocolate manufacturers may remove healthy flavonoids such as epicatechins due to their bitter taste. A product with up to 80 percent cocoa will taste bitter and almost unpalatable for some people. But if you want to take an advantage from chocolate health benefits, choose dark over milk, and those that has greater than 60 percent cocoa content.

  1. Chocolate may weaken bones
    According to a study, elderly women who ate chocolate daily had lower bone density compared to those who ate it less than once a week. It is possible that the oxalate in chocolate stops calcium absorption and sugar may increase calcium excretion.



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