Which Type of Chocolate Has More Health Benefits?

You might have heard that chocolate can contribute positively to your health, but it doesn’t mean that all chocolate share the same quality. Some of them pack more powerful health punch than others due to naturally occurring healthy chemicals found in cacao. Healthy chocolate usually contains higher percentage of cocoa, which also means more antioxidants, and less sugar.

types of chocolateIn general, dark chocolate is healthier than other types of chocolate because it is loaded with more antioxidants, which provide all kinds of health benefits. Dark chocolate has higher cacao concentrations than milk or white chocolate. Most dark chocolate hovers around 60 percent while milk chocolate tends to be 33 to 45 percent. The more cacao a chocolate contains, the darker it is and the less sugar it contains. Milk chocolate has far fewer antioxidants, and white chocolate has none.

Not only is dark chocolate high in antioxidants, at least a third of its fat comes from oleic acid, the same healthy fat present in olive oil—making it a good way to protect your heart. It can also lower blood pressure and help ward of depression.

Eat Moderate Portions

Despite all the health benefits, dark chocolate (and all chocolate) is a high-calorie food. If you consume it too much, the health benefits of dark chocolate can be quickly outweighed by the health problems of weight gain. Eat in moderate portions, and you can still enjoy the health benefits of dark chocolate.

Do not consume dark chocolate with milk. It is believed that the health benefits of dark chocolate are basically negated if it is consumed with milk.


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